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Our Approach


Science is at the core of our approach. 

We integrate the latest scientific research, connecting the dots between biology, behavior, psychology and physiology and distill it into simple concepts and practical advice.  Our framework is grounded in the most recent understanding of mind-body well-being: allostasis.  

Habit Design


We can’t simply think our way into a new habit.  It takes practice to install.  But small steps lead to big change.  Inspire Health is your gym. It's also a living laboratory for social, emotional and mindset skills where You Do You.  We help you redesign your existing daily routines so that they refuel, rather than deplete, you and the people you support.  And we have ongoing support programs where you can continue to refuel, grow and learn from the collective experience of the group.  

Community Driven

You can’t learn emotional intelligence from a chatbot, video or book.  They don’t engage the right circuits.  The brain is built to focus on the social world.  It captures our attention and is inherently rewarding.  So what we learn through face-to-face interaction becomes internalized in our behavior much more readily.  In a well-being arena brimming with content providers, Inspire Health is unique.  We offer programs with real, live fellow humans.  And, isn’t that what we are all craving right now?

Wrapped in Delight

It’s no coincidence that we have our best ideas in the shower.  Ease and positive mood change the state of our brain allowing us to access weakly wired connections and have ‘aha’ moments.  That’s why joy and psychological safety are at the forefront of design thinking - and the cornerstone of Inspire Health.  Laugh, play, learn and leave feeling refreshed.

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