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We create customized programs tailored to your group or organization.  Learning about your unique goals and culture helps us deliver the best program to you and helps us to grow. It also ensures that the program speaks to your people in their language, and embeds your organizational values and priorities.  We'd love to work with you to co-create a training.   

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Diane Stark, MS, PhD

Diane’s reputation as a speaker is built on her humor, warmth and ability to inspire audiences while translating complex science into actionable ideas. To inquire about a keynote or corporate speaking event, please fill out the Contact Form.  

Popular Keynote Topics:

  • The science of mindfulness: unpacked and without the woo woo.

  • Frazzled: how to beat burnout and build a better brain.

  • Social distress: the new tobacco.  How to kick the habit.

  • Blue dress, gold dress: how our brains fool us with bias.

  • What is resilience, exactly?  What does it look like in the brain?

Inspire Health is committed to helping achieve lasting social impact for the greater good.  In addition to pro bono skills-based training, Diane offers her experience to organizations who are aspiring to make a positive impact on society, clinicians, caregivers, first responders, whose work demands that they have super human skill in avoiding burnout and empathetic distress. She translates biomedical research into practical insights for leaders, groups and organizations that are interested in driving exceptional performance by redesigning their routines to leverage human nature for well-being. 


To inquire about pro bono training or consultation, please fill out the Contact Form.  

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