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Thriving Together in Uncertain Times

A Highly Interactive Program

 Wrapped in Delight. 

Thriving Together in Uncertain Times is a dynamic new training program brought to you by Inspire Health to help you show up at your best and support your people in ways that matter most.  This 4-part open enrollment program is available as a live online training for individuals and small groups.  Join us to make small changes in your daily routines at work and at home that promote resilience: reduce stress and build joy, connection and performance.


The program is rooted in cutting edge neuroscience and behavioral research but takes you well beyond insights to applying the science in your own life.  It is a highly interactive and, importantly, fun skills training and habit design gym. The principles of thriving are baked into the program itself, so you will not only learn and grow, but also leave recharged and ready to face the new normal.   

Redesign your existing routines

to refuel you and the people you support.


Take Aways


  • Learn the latest science connecting the dots between biology and behavior, physiology and psychology, in accessible, bite-size and engaging ways.

  • Learn strategies, and practice personal and interpersonal skills for managing overload, building deeper connections and lifting others.

  • Redesign your existing daily home and work routines so that they refuel, rather than deplete, you and the people you support.  Each session includes a habit-design activity to create your own personalized habit experiment for the week ahead.

  • Connect with others who value relationships and well-being. Leverage the power of community to build skill, gain insight and co-create.

  • Do you miss those serendipitous, magical lunch break conversations that happen at meetings and workshops?  After each session you will have the option to stay online for ‘Open Space’ breakouts to meet new people, mingle, discuss content, challenges and insights.

Connect. Play. Build Resilience.

Program Overview


Four 90-minute sessions designed to delight and refuel you while growing your ability to manage stress, build deeper connections and support others.


Module 1: Overcome Overload & Boost Executive Functions for Presence, Clarity, Focus, Calm, Adaptability.  

The biology of managing stress and keeping your brain online in difficult and uncertain times.


Module 2: Build Connection, Joy and Momentum. 

The new science of emotion and strategies for leveraging positive emotion to solve problems creatively and build deeper connections.  


Module 3: Open Mindsets and Better Communication.  

The biology of bias and tools for avoiding thinking traps that cause personal and interpersonal distress.


Module 4: Bringing Out The Best in Others.  

The social engagement network and communicating beyond words to create psychological safety.

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